Modus Operandi


Modus Operandi


Entries are invited in the following categories:

  1. Adventure – high seas, high waterways, high fun
  2. Crime
  3. Fantasy – encompassing Sci Fi
  4. Legends – embracing myths, tall tales
  5. Local history
  6. Romance

Web Presence

Check out


A highly esteemed and highly secret jury of three persons is committed to choosing the most purple of the purplish prose submitted in the various categories.


We warmly anticipate honouring an overall victor, plus winners in the six categories listed above. Also, if Lord Bulwer’s spirit so moves, the jury could finger runners-up for the overall win, or in any or all of the categories.

Volunteers Invited

Join us! We need ticket salespersons for the awards dinner. We need servers at the awards dinner. We need costumes from the 1800s for the awards dinner personnel. We need creators of the trophies… the pittances.

Awards Dinner

The awards dinner will be a festive country supper at the Bulwer Community Centre on Saturday, May 2, 2015 – a dark night, preferably not stormy! (Proceeds go to support the Bulwer Community Centre.)

Awards Dinner Venue

The Bulwer Community Centre, 254 Jordan Hill Road, Bulwer, Quebec.

Awards Dinner Itself

Genuine and native Bulwerians who remember how Bulwer got its name will prepare a Purple Prose Dinner to delight the palette. Proceeds go 100% to support the ancient and stalwart Bulwer Community Centre, which provides the venue and the supper. Shades of 1800s, complete with costume…

We Are

The Bulwer Purple Prose Project volunteer organizing committee includes Mead Baldwin, W. Lynn Dillabough, Rachel Garber, Janice LaDuke, Linda Morra, Carole Martignacco, Judy Palmer, Peggy Roy, and Tami Spires. Purple is our favourite prose. You can reach us at

A Hearty Nod

We gratefully acknowledge the granddaddy of all Lord Bulwer fiction contests ( out of Lytton, BC) from which the Bulwer Purple Prose Project is frankly derivative. Our only claim to originality is our very own Bulwer, Quebec, which, we believe, confers on the Bulwer PPP a special legitimacy.


4 Responses to Modus Operandi

  1. merahefet says:

    I have written a piece that I thought might be fun to submit for the Romance section. It has a Bulmer-Lytton tag and in my WordPress blog public. How would I submit it?

    David Oliver

  2. Anon says:

    Must one be from the Quebec area to throw one’s hat into the ring?

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